Mohammad Ahangari Asl

mohammad ahangari asl

Mohammad Ahangari Asl, the master trader prodigy with over 11 years of valuable experience in the Forex market, is an entrepreneur, and CEO of Creative Academy, Strategic Traders, FeneFX Capital Provision and MondFX Broker companies. He is known for his masterpiece From Zero to a Thousand trading course.

He was born in October 1994 in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran, and currently resides in Dubai and Istanbul.

After graduating from high school with a diploma in Mathematics and Physics, he was accepted in the University of Tabriz in the Mechanical Engineering program and graduated after four years with a BSc.

In the four years of his studies, he had A-level results in classes, and his creative wisdom led him to two inventions in the field of packaging. However, he did not receive enough support from the authorities and with numerous problems in the production and complicated bureaucratic procedures, he chose to venture into the realm of trading.  


Some activities of Ahangari include:

  • Trading Strategist
  • Creator of From Zero to a Thousand trading course
  • Owner of the largest trading room with over 500 active traders
  • Founder and CEO of Creative Academy
  • Founder and CEO of the Strategic Traders company
  • Founder and CEO of FeneFX Capital Provision company
  • Founder and CEO of MondFX Broker
  • Creator of MAA trading strategy



How did Ahangari Enter Financial Markets?

In 2013, alongside his academic studies, Ahangari entered Tehran Stock Exchange. Since this market did not have a financial leverage and gaining profit was just in case of an increase in the stock price, he could not invest significantly as he did not have a large amount of initial capital. These limitations and problems, however, did not stop Ahangari from pursuing his dreams. With determination, perseverance, and practice, Ahangari found a way to trade with a minimal capital adopting a scalping strategy.

Ahangari’s Journey to Success:

As global banks opened up, a strong feeling of fear and greed emerged in the financial and banking sector of Tehran Stock Exchange. However, Ahangari did not lose his calm in the market, and instead, through scalping strategy, he identified precise entry points to the market to earn as much as he could, and in this way, he compensated for his lack of initial capital. This was a risky method, but he could minimize the loss. On profitable days, he could earn up to ten percent profit, and on the days that his predictions were not fulfilled, his loss was up to 3 percent.

In mid-2013, after achieving relative mastery in basic trading strategies and technical and fundamental analysis, Ahangari entered global markets and gained experience in Forex trading until 2018. Throughout these five years, he faced both profits and losses. His initial investment was around $5000, and after this period of time, the total profit and loss he accumulated with this amount approached half a million dollars.

To master all trading strategies, emotion management approaches, and market psychology awareness, he lost more than sixty trading accounts and half a million that he had gained in the financial markets. In 2018, his profit cycle began, and for the first time in his career, he consistently made profits from the market for a year. His total profit in the first year was 68 percent of his capital, which was extraordinary. After five years of data and algorithm analysis, and with all the losses on this path, he had finally achieved his dream. But as his career went forward, his dreams and ambition grew as well. Relying on his wisdom and knowledge, at first, he made connections with some wealthy individuals, and then, with the highest financial institutions in Iran. These two groups gave over ten million dollars to Ahangari to manage for six months, and since he was successful in that job, he gained the trust of the community even more. Ahangari had both the needed knowledge for trading and a high credibility and trust among the investors and the most reputable global brokers. And now, it was the time of expansion.

He founded the Strategic Traders company and Creative Academy under the supervision of Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization. He began formal education in financial markets to pass on the knowledge gained from experience to Iranian youth and to select the best among them for his trading room, so they could trade with the capital provided by investors.

From 2019 to 2022, approximately 4000 traders were trained under Ahangari’s supervision, and among them, more than 500 traders joined his trading room. Now, he could be called the Master. He had managed to introduce himself as the capital provider for hundreds of traders, a success previously achieved by Mark Fisher in the United States with 1000 traders.

Official Launch of the FeneFX Prop Trading Brand Serving Thousands of Iranian Traders

His capital provision company, FeneFX, which operated in a limited capacity from 2019 to 2022, was introduced to the public as FeneFX in 2023. Now, it is the best and most reliable capital provision site in the country.

But this was not enough as well!

In March 2023, due to the limitations in the banking system of Iran and the lack of suitable infrastructure, Ahangari left the country. Shortly, he registered companies in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and England.

During this time, he received numerous requests from traders who wanted to learn from his experience. And since he witnessed the unstable economic situation of fellow Iranians, he decided to pave the pave with what he considered one of the most valuable tools, knowledge. Therefore, he started recording a course which highlighted the lessons he had learned in 10 years of experience in trading.

Master Ahangari’s From Zero to a Thousand Trading Course

The masterpiece From Zero to a Thousand trading course and Forex education, consisting of 32 videos totaling 1600 minutes, was recorded with the highest quality which encompassed everything a trader needed for success, from zero to a thousand. The interesting point is that this exceptional work was broadcast completely free of charge on all of his channels. It didn’t take long for more than a hundred thousand people to watch the course.


At present, in addition to wealth, Ahangari has gained such fame and popularity that he is undoubtedly the most beloved figure among the Iranian trading community. His From Zero to a Thousand course has become an eternal legacy for traders worldwide.

He is a self-made trader who does not take no for an answer. In the early 2024, he decided to unveil his personal trading strategy, claiming that with this strategy, any average trader would be able to achieve consistent profitability from the market.


The MAA trading strategy was published following the From Zero to a Thousand course, and traders’ unprecedented reception of this trading style which was based on the principles of free markets, astonished everyone.

He has made the impossible possible for traders. Iranians working with FeneFX not only have received capital from this company, but have also gained the opportunity to trade with the best global brokers such as Axi, Oanda, BlackBull, Swissquote, and many more.

The establishment of the prestigious global broker MondFX by Ahangari

By signing a contract with the Central Bank of England and several other reputable providers, Ahangari founded MondFX as a credible broker on a global scale. This broker, which is the first of its kind, allows Iranians to trade with confidence on an authentic platform. This news was the best after the masterpiece From Zero to a Thousand for the Iranian trading community. It fulfilled a long-standing request from many traders.

Ahangari’s adventures are endless, and according to him, this is just the beginning for Iranians. Now, Ahangari, the leader in the trading field, is not alone as he intends to create another masterpiece with an army of successful Iranian traders. The essence of this new project, however, has remained a secret until now.

We await the wonders of the genius trader in 2024.